Reno’s University of Phoenix donated and handed out 100 backpacks loaded with school supplies to members at our Lemmon Valley site on Thursday. For years the organization has been a partner in the Club’s efforts to help kids succeed in school.

On Monday, full day operations start at the Lemmon Valley Club at the Joe Mitchell Community Center (located next door to Lemmon Valley Elementary School), marking the first time the Boys & Girls Club has operated year-round at the site. With the generosity of the University of Phoenix’s donation, many members will be in great shape coming into the new school year.

Site Coordinator Amanda Stockton introduced the kids to Francey Dennis, education chair at the University of Phoenix, who talked to the kids about the importance of succeeding in school. Dr. Bob Larkin, campus director at the University of Phoenix, was also on hand.

Thanks to the University of Phoenix and its generosity in helping our kids during the 2011-2012 school year!

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