Parents benefit from Give & Receive Program

BGC_DrSeuss_221Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows recently re-launched the Give & Receive program. Through Give & Receive, if a program-eligible family cannot afford a child’s weekly programming fee, the Club can help reduce the fee if a parent or guardian gives back to the Club by volunteering their time. For example, if a family can only afford to pay $20 a week, they would volunteer at the Club for roughly two hours a week in exchange for the reduced fee.

This program has been well received by some eligible parents. At the Pennington Facility, the Club currently has 6 families coming in each day at various times to give back to the Club. Some of the their duties include sweeping, cleaning windows, filing away session forms, vacuuming, cleaning classrooms, making membership cards, etc.

This program is growing quickly as parents find this to be a great opportunity to assist them with fees. Most of the parents participating in this program are volunteering above and beyond their hours, as one parent said, “ I love helping out this organization because this organization has helped me tremendously, and it’s the least that I could do.”

A special thanks to all of Club’s Give & Receive families for making this program a success!


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