We are dedicated to keeping you connected to the Club! Our Virtual Club offers daily videos and lessons around our core programming including STEM, ART, Character & Leadership as well at Strength and Fitness. We will also offer virtual help with your at home school assignments via video conferencing. We hope you will enjoy seeing familiar faces and will have fun participating in normal Club activities from your own homes. We miss you and we can’t wait to see you ALL soon.


We are all washing our hands more times in one day than we likely ever have before- but washing your hands is not the only way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.There are several ways you can proactively protect yourself and your family while you’re at home. Watch these COVID-19 cleaning tips and best hygiene practices from our staff, and practice these habits every single day.

Social Distancing


Community Builder: Energy Ball

Morning Conversation

Warm Welcome: Something that makes you Proud


Our daily lives have totally changed.  Schools are closed, many businesses have stopped operating, and most people are working from home (which makes our pets very happy!). Dealing with change and altered routines can be tough.  We want to help bring some routine back into your life!  Watch a Question of the Day video each morning to engage your mind and start your day off right.

What is a gift that you can give that you can’t purchase in the store?

Asking good questions helps us get to know each other. This helps build trust in teamwork and community. Today’s question is: What do you like to do in the morning?

Would you rather be an adult or a kid? Why?

Who is someone famous you would like to meet? What question would you ask them?

Tell us what is something you just can’t live without?


One of the reasons the Boys & Girls Club is different from other afterschool and summer programs, is that we provide special programming around our Club’s core values. A normal day at the Club for you may have been a STEM lesson with Chris, an art project with Eddie, or exercising with Jeri.  It’s important to us that you still have access to exceptional Club programming while at home.  We are proving five virtual lessons each week- we hope you watch, engage and enjoy!

Learn how to do video game code while playing Minecraft.

In this activity you will use your imagination to practice meditation. Imagine yourself in your safe place and what it is like there. Please share with us what your safe place is.

Learn how to do Yoga and then make your own pose.

Learn how to use shapes and colors to make your own Kandinsky piece.

Practice your STEM skills by recording observations of rock formations. Share your observations with us.


We love books, sharing laughs and spending quality time with our members.  Our storytime and shout out videos are as close as we can get to having one on one time with our members right now.  So gather ’round your phone or computer screen and let our staff share their favorite stories and personal updates with you! 

Jason reads Where the Wild Things Are. Let us know what you think of the story, what you learned. Let us know what books you might like us to read and/or a staff you would like to read it.

Oscar Aguilar reads Goodnight Moon.

Marquise reads Black Panther.

Ally reads The Story of the Easter Bunny.

Gladys reads Chika Chika Boom Boom.


Some of you are quarantined with siblings and parents and could really benefit from trying some of the fun and games we are offering with our community builder videos.  If you don’t have someone at home to try these experiments out with, or aren’t on a ZOOM call with others, just sit back and enjoy watching our staff get a little silly!

Energy Ball is an activity that allows you to express yourself in the way you handle an imaginary ball of energy. Have fun!

Make a piece of art that represents you and share it with us.

Post a video of you with your name and your motion to respond.

Check out this fun community builder. Can your friends figure out the secret to being part of the Addams Family?

Tell us your name and about your first Club experience.

Virtual Summer Camp Sessions

Starting June 8th, Zoom Sessions will be held weekly on Monday Wednesday and Friday from 9-3PM
We will be hosting activities in our five core areas:
Healthy Life Skills  (HLS)
Sports, Fitness & recreation (SRF)
Character & Leadership (CLD) & Family Plus
Want to enroll your child in Virtual Summer Programming? Email: virtualprogramming@bgctm.org

Outside Resources

We’ve scoured the internet looking for cool educational websites, virtual tours and activities to help pass the time. Check out these links, but remember to keep visiting this page for the latest and greatest we’ve found!