This school year we are providing as many out-of-school care options for our families as possible. Our centers will comply with all CDC recommendations and will undergo rigorous cleaning and distancing protocols. Please note, all programming capacities will be limited, and registration will be first come, first served. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide your children with a safe and fun place to learn, grow and be kids. All transactions must take place outside of our facilities as we are not permitting parents to enter at this time. All Club members must pay an annual membership fee of $20 prior to participating in programming.


1. All attendees must be BGCTM Members and their parent or guardian must have completed the mandatory Club Orientation. Club orientations and applications are now available online, however, the $20 membership fee  must still be made in-person at the Club your Child is attending.  Click here to watch orientation video.

2. Download and print the Before and after school form (distance learning center forms are the same) for the site your child will be attending. Forms can be found on this page by scrolling down and clicking on the white text.
Print and complete the form and deliver to BGCTM Clubhouse.  Forms for School sites will be provided to those who won the site lottery.

3. Payments for programming should be made the Friday prior to the attendance week, in-person at Clubhouse or site.

Before & After School + Distance Learning Centers – Clubhouse Programming 

In partnership with WCSD we will offer our traditional before and after school programming at school sites at limited capacities. Transportation to and from clubhouses and schools will be limited.
We have also dedicated space in our gyms to distance learning. Desks are appropriately spaced and tutoring and tech support from staff will be available all day. Desks are thoroughly cleaned before and after each session. We encourage members to bring their own laptops, headphones and personal flash drives. Should a member need to a laptop, one will be available for use during their session and headphones will be available for purchase.

  • Donald W Reynolds  Youth & Teen Facility
  • Donald L. Carano  Youth & Teen Facility
  • William N. Pennington Youth & Teen Facility 

Before & After School – School Site Programming

With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, our program capacities have been reduced and unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate all of our families at this time. Dedicated Club space in each school will be limited in order to ensure that we, as well as the schools, are able to create a safe environment and adhere to the Governor’s current mandates. In order to move forward with enrollment that is fair to all families interested in our services, we will be implementing these specific registration processes at our school sites: 
Desert Skies Middle School, Hidden Valley Elementary School, Hug High School, Larry D. Johnson Teen Center, Our Lady of the Snows, Rollan Melton Elementary School and Verdi Elementary School: These schools will be implementing a lottery for their selection process in order to determine which kids will be attending our programs. In order to sign up to be considered for this lottery you will need to complete the following:
Complete our online membership application by going online to our website at https://bgctm.org/join/
Send an email to the BGCTM email address associated with your school’s Club
Title the email with “BGCTM Lottery”
Inside the body of the email please include:
-Your name and relationship to the child
-A good phone number to contact you
-A good email address to contact you
-The names of any kids you wish to have attending our program and the
grades that they will be in this upcoming school year.
-The services that you will be hoping to use with us (example: all mornings, all
afternoons, all mornings and afternoons, or by typing the specific days and
sessions they will be needing)
Parents will have until Thursday, August 13th, 2020 at 10:00am to send in their information for the lottery. We will then use a randomizer to generate our list of families, as well as to generate our waiting list. You will be contacted shortly after via email to be notified of your status.
 Donner Springs Elementary School and Lois Allen Elementary School: Our programs at these schools are partnered with the WCSD Team Up Program. This selection process will run through the school’s Team Up Coordinator. If you are interested and need help getting in touch with their Coordinator, please contact us at either donnersprings@bgctm.org or loisallen@bgctm.org for more information.
At this time, the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows before an after school program will not open at Nancy Gomes Elementary School or Esther Bennett Elementary School for the 2020 school year. Both Nancy Gomes and Esther Bennett have determined that under current COVID-19 CDC social distancing requirements, there is not enough space to safely accommodate our program within their facilities. We understand this will pose a great challenge to many of our parents and we hope to reinstate the programs within these schools at a later date.