Technology Program

Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows is proud to offer high quality technology programming for our members. We utilize many web resources to provide enrichment in the areas of digital arts, digital citizenship/internet safety, productivity software programming, digital music, and many other high yield activities to establish an environment of both learning and fun.

Beginning Digital Drawing

-Draw your favorite cartoon character using different colors
-Draw something you see in real life using a paintbrush
-Seasonal drawing: Draw something based on the season, a special day, or event
-Draw a portrait using several tools

Intermediate drawing

Sketchpad-Online Paint/Drawing application
-Create your graffiti tag name using all three brush styles with different colors
-Draw the same character twice each time the character portraying different actions
-Draw something that is 3 dimensional then draw a shadow
-Draw a picture then write a poem using a cool font text box