Technology Program

Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows is proud to offer high quality technology programming for our members. We utilize many web resources to provide enrichment in the areas of digital arts, digital citizenship/internet safety, productivity software programming, digital music, and many other high yield activities to establish an environment of both learning and fun.

Digital Art (Monday Programming)

Beginning Digital Drawing

-Draw your favorite cartoon character using different colors
-Draw something you see in real life using a paintbrush
-Seasonal drawing: Draw something based on the season, a special day, or event
-Draw a portrait using several tools

Intermediate drawing

Sketchpad-Online Paint/Drawing application
-Create your graffiti tag name using all three brush styles with different colors
-Draw the same character twice each time the character portraying different actions
-Draw something that is 3 dimensional then draw a shadow
-Draw a picture then write a poem using a cool font text box

Advance Drawing

-Upload a photo and apply an adjustment filter (brightness, color, curve, or any effects filter to the photo.
-Create an image using multiple layers
-Find a tutorial on YouTube on one of these programs and learn a new technique

Story Board

-Create a story that depicts a day in your life
-Create a story about your favorite movie or book
-Create a story that shows something you have overcome
-Create a picture of what the future looks like

Other Artforms

-Follow online tutorials to create three-dimensional characters and scenes using
-Create the most complex fractal using 
-Create sand art using digital sand

Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety (Tuesday Programming)

Beginning Netsmartz

Members K-2
– Click on the Netsmartzkids link in the top right
– Click on RBS Adventure in the top center
– Click on Watch Movie and have them watch the 26 minute long video before going on free time

Members 3rd-6th Grade
– Click on the Netsmartzkids link in the top right
– Click on RBS Adventure in the top center
– Click on Interactive adventure
– Each Member will create New Nickname with at least 10 randomly selected combination of letters and numbers to begin quest.
– Members will earn 5 badges before going on free time.

Skill Tech (Wednesday Programming)

Using Microsoft Word

-Insert a piece of clipart and write a story about it.
-Write a story with a beginning middle and an end (about life, fictional event, heroic story, or characters overcoming an obstacle)
-Write a poem with a cool font, and text color. Center the text on the page
-Using a newsletter template get members to write stories about what is happening at their Boys & Girls Club site.
-Have teens download a resume template and create and resume

Using Microsoft Publisher

-Have members decide on the perfect birthday party. Members create flyers by insert clipart and create text boxes for their flyer for their imaginary party and include date, time and location of imaginary event
-Members use brochure templates to create a brochure of the Club programs at their site.
-Members use award certificate template to award their peers for GREAT values or member of the month
-Teens use a template to create a calendar to make a monthly plan of events and activities

Using Microsoft PowerPoint

-Members choose a design theme for their power point and use slides to tell a picture story of their life. Have members experiment with different transitions.
-Members either copy and paste pictures from online, draw pictures using paint, or insert clipart to create a comic book slideshow.
-Members take photos of an action using digital camera or drawing pictures. Create multiple slides set to .25 seconds a slide for each photo or picture transitions to create animations.
-Teens practice writing speeches dealing with issues related to the Club and use PowerPoint presentations to emphasize their points.

Using Microsoft Excel

-Members create an inventory list using Excel
-Have members create cryptographs using a numbering system in each cell underneath letters A-Z. Members will place numbers 1-26 in their own chosen order under the letters they choose. They will then write a message in the code corresponding to the letters.
-Have members create a graph of information related to a program at the Club.
-Have teens create a budget using excel

Typing Courses

Tech High Yield Activity (Thursday Programming)


Kid Site Science Hub 
– Engage members with a challenge to find the most interesting science website
– Members choose a site and explore the material
– Ask kids to record their thoughts about the website and what they can learn from the site

Bill Nye Site 
– Choose a topic and watch the episode

– Follow the interactive activities

Forensics Rice 
– Do the missions


Khan Academy Summer Scripting
Beginning the Scripting:
1. Create a Khan Academy Profile by following the instructions
2. Answer the questions and make the commitment to Summer Scripting to at least try.
3. Click on the Intro to Programming Link titled “What is programming” and begin the process of learning script writing.
4. Spend 30 minutes per day learning this and hopefully by the end of summer our members will have mastered this skill. (PS Computer Lab Staff should start a profile and try to learn the same things)



– Choose a path and do an activity

Washoe County Library
(Will need library card)
-Members will click on eBook, audio book link and check out children and teen titles to choose from
-Members can check out eBooks or listen to audio books


– Members will choose an activity based on grade


Color Matters  
– Choose a topic related to color within the website
– Members will explore a topic related to color
– Members can discuss how color relates to them

Picasso Head 
– Members will create their own Picasso Art using this app


– PowerMyLearning is a national non-profit organization committed to ensuring that all children are able to power their learning through a combination of technology and the people who matter most to their success parents and teachers.

– Teachers can find ideas and strategies for a successful Back to School.

Brain Pop
– Create an account, choose a subject, do an activity

Prodigy Game
– Create an account and play Math games

Practical Money Skills
– Read a financial article and discuss. Play one of the financial games after.

Music & Game Programming (Friday Programming)

Introduction to Electronic Music
– Pick a cube and push buttons to make music and blend sounds
– Experiment with the virtual instruments to create music
– Create a music profile
– Give members an opportunity to explore the activities

Advanced Sound Engineering
– Create a profile
– Record a melody
– Select a style
– Arrange your song
– Edit your recording
– Edit song harmonies
– Pick an entry point and follow tutorials
– Create a profile and create music
– Experiment with different sounds and modules

Looping Software

– Pick Electronica or Urban folder. Click and drag sound loops to the gray tracks to blend layers of sound
– Use the cut tool to isolate sections of sounds
– Automate volume to fade tracks in and out to create dynamic
– Add Effect filters
– Write a MIDI track and choose a virtual instrument for it
– Use different automation for effect filters

For Clubhouse computers with ACID express
– Download free 8packs of new loops and save them to Thawspace every week at
– Open ACID express and use the loops on the tracks and save project files to Thawspace

Game Programming
– Follow tutorials and learn programming techniques

For Clubhouse computers with Kodu Game lab:
– Open Kodu game lab and follow programming tutorials
– To begin working on project you must save game projects in Thawspace. Click on windows button, click on documents, click on saved games, right click on BoKu folder and copy it. Create folder in Thawspace for saved games and paste the copied file into it. When you want to work on the saved game project you must open that Thawspace folder and right click the BoKu folder and copy it, then click on with windows button, click on documents, click on saved games, delete the Boku folder, then paste the copied file into this folder. You should be able to open up your project in the Kodu game lab.

Hour of Code (Computer Science Week)
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